Spoontainable GmbH

Distribution of edible spoons and edible coffee stirrers

We are a sustainable start-up with the goal of reducing plastic waste and fighting food waste. Since 2018, we have been producing and distributing edible cutlery - with a focus on spoons - that is made from 100% sustainable raw materials, offering a crisp alternative to the immense plastic pollution in our world. At the beginning of 2021, we expanded our product range with an edible coffee stirrer. Due to the ban on single-use plastic in force in the EU since 03 July 2021, alternatives for single-use plastic cutlery are urgently needed and with our products we offer a practical, sustainable and at the same time tasty alternative.

Our edible spoons, also called spoonies, are made from rescued cocoa or oat shells that are not used in food production. We process the cocoa or oat shells into fibres while retaining the fibre and the natural taste. In this way, we do not consume any new resources in production, but create added value from existing nutrients.

The Spoonies come in two different sizes (S and L) and flavours (neutral/slightly sweet oat flavour and plain flavour). Therefore, the Spoonies can be perfectly combined with ice cream, yoghurt, desserts and savoury snacks. In ice cream, the Spoonie is stable for about 60 minutes, so there are no problems from dissolving or breaking during eating. What's more, the spoons are vegan and our Spoonie choc is also gluten-free.

Our edible coffee stirrer Twirly is also made from leftover materials from the food industry, but so far it is only available in one flavour. Here, too, we use rescued cocoa shells for production, which gives the coffee stirrer a pleasant dark taste and also makes it gluten-free.

We generate our revenues by selling our Spoonies and Twirlys to domestic and foreign wholesalers, as well as food retail chains, ice cream parlours and cafés. We choose the model of fixed remuneration at defined price levels, which depend on the purchase volume of the buyer. So far, we supply 15 EU countries and 3 other countries internationally.

Our USP is the use of cocoa and oat fibres, which we upcycle as waste material from the cocoa and grain industry. The fibres are normally discarded in food production, but are full of fibre and bring the necessary stability to the spoon. We are also scalable - 600,000 spoons in 4 hours - and, compared to our competitors, we manufacture our spoons in Germany, avoiding unnecessary transport. In addition, all our products are patented, which gives us the sole right to produce them.



Q To what extent are their services and products sustainable?

Our products (Spoonie and Twirly) are made from cocoa fibre and/or oat fibre, which we upcycle as waste material from the cocoa and grain industry. Through this upcycling process we save food, use it to make our spoons and coffee stirrers and at the same time we can replace plastic. Both Spoonies and Twirlys can be eaten completely, but this is not a must, because they are fully compostable and can be disposed of anywhere without creating waste. Therefore, we can say with full conviction that our edible spoons are the most sustainable alternative on the market. Furthermore, our production is located in Germany, which avoids unnecessary transport. Nevertheless, we offset any CO2 emissions with a water conservation project in India and thus pursue a circular economy approach.

Q Contact persons on the subject of sustainability

Julia Piechotta ; +4962214263245

Q Does your company have a SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY?

Our entire supply chain is characterised by unique sustainability. Every step is reviewed and improved in the annual sustainability report. Built on our circular economy approach to our products, production in Germany and regional sourcing, we try to spoon feed the world a little bit more sustainably every day.