BIBER Service GmbH

Cleaning services for trade fairs and events

We work on sustainable event cleaning with fair prices and fair payment for our cleaners. We have joined forces as a group of dedicated cleaning service providers to offer our services directly to agencies and event organisers.


Q To what extent are their services and products sustainable?

Full sustainability is not yet possible in the event industry without other activities. Other claims are unfortunately simply misleading. Therefore, we not only pay attention to procedures and means to treat people and nature as gently as possible, but at the same time support various compensation processes such as the preservation of a floodplain landscape and the renaturation of a forest area.

Q Contact persons on the subject of sustainability

Mike Karst, Managing Director

Q Does your company have a SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY?

Sustainability encompasses ecological, economic and social aspects. We are fully committed to these and constantly review our processes and materials for potential improvements.

Our ecological strategy is based on the long-term and actual ecological consequences of our cleaning agents, for example. In addition to the raw materials used and the carbon footprint, degradability and toxicity also play a role in the cleaning sector. We take all this into account and are happy to disclose our results.
We pay attention to the waste hierarchy, train our employees and are happy to advise other companies in the same industry.

Our social and economic strategy consists above all in the simple approach of paying our cleaners reasonably. In a direct comparison in the same project, our cleaners are paid 20% more than a competitor. In addition, we are always looking for additional benefits such as extended care.

As we believe that many heads achieve more, we work transparently with customers and our cleaners to achieve these goals. We make individual decisions for all products and processes, involving our customers where possible and desired.