Maurer event technology

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The MAURER company is one of Germany's leading providers of planning, conception, technology and service for events in the premium segment.

Event professionals with different skills work together to design and realise the perfect event.
In close coordination with the wishes and needs of the customer.
From the first to the last minute. Carbon neutral. Sustainable.


Q Sustainability - What measures we have implemented as a company

Maurer Veranstaltungstechnik, by now consistently sustainable itself, is certified climate neutral and since a few weeks even a member of the Charter Business Initiative Sustainability (WIN Charter) of the Ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy of Baden-Württemberg. With a further step into the future, the company is now participating as a partner in a nationwide education offensive for sustainability.

Q Sustainability - the extent to which our products and services are sustainable

With his company, he not only assumes responsibility for the environment, but also to a large extent for the well-being of the entire workforce. Fair wages, sports facilities, unlimited employment contracts and the annual training of new junior staff are a matter of course for Maurer.

The result is a good working atmosphere and satisfied workers and employees who share his passion for people and nature. You can feel this immediately when you enter the company building, which Steffen Maurer had built three years ago in timber construction. The green roof not only serves as insulation, but also as a habitat for insects; the 1,500 square metre hall is heated by the neighbour's wood chip plant. All vehicles in the company's own fleet are equipped with environmentally friendly Euro6 engines.

Steffen Maurer, who has also set up four beehives at his company headquarters, consciously carries the enthusiasm for his nature-loving philosophy with his 25 permanent employees and about 80 freelancers to the outside, into the large event halls. Because wherever Maurer takes over the complete support of events, provides the technical equipment, develops stage design and is responsible for all static and safety aspects, the word "climate neutral" is written on the concept.

For example, the company, which by signing the WIN charter commits itself to sustainable business and to documenting this in public, offers a range of environmentally responsible services related to event organisation.

From the very first conceptual steps, the Blausteiner company, which is a leader in the implementation of "green events" in Europe, relies on systematic education of its event partners. These include the use of technical equipment with low energy consumption or stage coverings made of multi-use bioplastics. The stage construction is to be carried out by local crews and projections can be built on aluminium frame constructions, which reduce the transport volume as well as the transport weight and can be used several times.

The message to the catering trade is also clear. Maurer recommends biodynamic wines, organic quality juices and fair-trade regional and seasonal dishes from organic cultivation, and thus focuses on sustainability that inspires.