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Satis&Fy Berlin Beansprucht

One-stop Event Solutions

About Satis&Fy:

satis&fy AG is one of the leading international suppliers of event and media technology, event architecture and room-in-room solutions. Unconventional ideas, genuine pioneering spirit and courageous concepts off the beaten track have made us a big player in the event industry.

With over 500 employees at nine international locations and more than 3,000 locally and internationally implemented events, trade fair presentations and exhibitions per year, satis&fy is one of the most efficient companies in the industry.

What has always driven us? The WOW! Because that's what it's all about, isn't it?


Q Our sustainability strategy as a company

Sustainability is part of our corporate responsibility. For us, this means that in the long term we design events whose resource consumption does not exceed the level of ecological compatibility and that we involve all parties fairly in this process. As part of the event industry, we try to make our point of view clear and inspire others through exemplary behaviour and thoughtful use of materials. Also our customers, to whom we show ways towards a well thought-out sustainable project implementation.

Q Our sustainable service / Our sustainable product

The Waste Problem
In contrast to the usual huge piles of rubbish and the throwaway mentality at events, satis&fy sets its maxim avoidance and multiple use before recycling. Our goal is to stage and run events in the most resource-saving and environmentally friendly way possible. Admittedly without cutting back on atmosphere and without renouncing emotional brand effects. Many steps have been taken since then, new ways have been invented when necessary, both on a large scale and in detail. Sustainability has come about solely through considered action, lateral thinking and the constant search for alternative solutions.

Growing differently
In order to act as a sustainable event service provider to the outside world, one must above all question one's own actions. That's what we did. In 2013, we have decided to draw up, in parallel with our financial balance sheet, a public interest balance, which measures the extent to which a company serves the public interest and promotes quality of life. We now know where we stand and where we want to go, and are trying to align our business operations in an increasing number of areas according to social and ecological criteria.

No words without deeds
It is not enough to talk or write about sustainability. There are many topics that can be easily tackled and implemented. For example, we can pay attention to durability, regional production of products and ecological certification when investing in new equipment. Nevertheless, there are still challenges that require a lot of hard work. The establishment of recycling chains in Germany proves to be tricky, for example for carpets and all other consumables used at events. Complete recycling certificates for plastics are missing. Electricity is often part of the location rental, so energy-saving behaviour is not rewarded. Sustainability is not yet a fixed award criterion in tenders. But this would increase the pressure for sustainable events and their environmentally and socially acceptable implementation. And the most important thing: demand must increase, because there are still too few honest examples of sustainable event implementation in the daily event and trade fair business.