Nadine Imboden - Entertainment in Motion

Art Direction / Choreography / Show Design / Content Creation

Nadine Imboden's company ENTERTAINMENT IN MOTION, launched in 2001, serves a broad scope of corporate, non-profit, broadcast, and creative clients. Her work reflects the soul of the artist, the body of the performer, and the brain of a clever storyteller. Her inherent understanding of the full creative process underscores each step of a project. Alongside her highly skilled team, Imboden ideates, develops, and directs the most spectacular events around the world, bringing together an incredible cast of talented dancers, musicians, artists, and comedians.

ENTERTAINMENT IN MOTION is an international creative team immersed in strategic storytelling and the production of live and digital, experiential events that define the present and future of entertainment and human expression. Each activation is a step forward as Nadine rewrites the rules for a new generation of performers, artists, and engaged audiences worldwide.


Concept, Choroegraphy, Art Direction, Content Creation, Social Activation, Storytelling, Costume Direction, Styling

Show Production, Set Direction, Team Management, Event Actication, Lighting Design, Show Direction

Casting, Talent Procurement, Coaching, Development


Q Does your company have a SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY?

Since we place a lot of value on sustainability, we are committed to the conscious use of our resources and take our responsibility towards employees, partners and customers seriously.
We focus on acting responsibly in the planning and implementation of events, thus meeting the needs of today's generation without restricting those of the next generation.

Q To what extent are their services and products sustainable?

In small details we can make sustainable decisions and make a big difference. We do everything we can to make our events sustainable. We use recyclable products, draw on our pool of supplies, re-sew or re-use costumes. When planning international events, we coordinate as much as possible via Skype and WhatsApp to avoid unnecessary travel. And where flying cannot be ruled out, we consciously pay the CO₂ surcharge. With these and other measures, we consciously act sustainably.

Q Contact persons on the subject of sustainability

Nadine Imboden