dieUmweltDruckerei GmbH

Ecological online printing

dieUmweltDruckerei is an ecological online printing company and pursues a holistic sustainability approach. It relies on resource-saving materials and low-emission production of eco-print media.


Q To what extent are their services and products sustainable?

dieUmweltDruckerei uses only 100% recycled paper. The organic printing inks used are vegan and the mineral oil-based components have been replaced by ingredients based on renewable raw materials. The ecological print shop works with electricity from renewable energy sources. TheUmweltDruckerei and its partners compensate for all unavoidable CO2 emissions that occur throughout the printing process and during dispatch by investing in climate protection projects. In addition, it is the aim of the Environmental Printing House to keep the use of additives as low as possible and to reduce waste. The eco-printing company is also committed to socio-cultural projects.