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13 Guiding principles of our Sustainability Rider - so that sustainable events become an international standard
Sustainable Travel - Green Ticketing - Sustainability Guide 0

#1 Green Ticketing

Environmentally friendly arrival of the public / Green ticketing The arrival of the audience is C02 polluter number 1 

Ecopower Sustainability Guide 0

#2 Increase in Energy Efficiency

Use renewable energy sources. Always question your exact energy consumption so that the energy savings pay off for you directly.

Sustainable Purchasing - Recycling 0

#3 Sustainable Purchasing, Reuse, Recycling

Consider the ethical and ecological consequences of all purchases, from the office with printer, computer, tables ...

Sustainable Food 0

#4 Sustainable Food & Beverages

Clear "yes" to local and seasonal food! Support local organic food producers on site and help them ...

Zero Waste - avoidance of plastic 0

#5 Avoidance of Plastic and Disposable Plastics

Zero waste! Say no to disposable water bottles, plastic cups, straws, plastic bags, unnecessary ...

Sustainable Water Consumption 0

#6 Reduction of Water Consumption and Risk of Environmental Pollution

Think about precautions to avoid water wastage and reduce waste water. Organizer, Locati ...

Sustainable Textiles 0

#7 Ethical Towels, Clothing, Merchandising Items

Towels, clothing and merchandising should be made of fibres, e.g. organic cotton, and should be produced sustainably ...

Reduce paper consumption at events 0

#8 Reduce paper consumption and use recycled paper

How can paper consumption at events be reduced? In order to reduce paper consumption at events, we ...

Sustainable Hotels - Local Accommodation 0

#9 Local Accommodation and Hotels

Short distances save time and protect the environment. Minimize transportation to the event by having your crew and ...

Sustainable Transport 0

#10 Local Transport / Shuttle Service

Use an environmentally friendly and demand-oriented transfer, e.g. with the use of electric or hybrid vehicles.

Barrier-free - Inclusion - Sustainability Guide 0

#11 Accessibility and Inclusion

Consider the aspects of accessibility and inclusion at events, as well as sufficient and legible information about the ...

Sustainability Communication 0

#12 Targeted Communication for Sustainable Implementation

The audience, staff and service providers should be clearly informed about the ethical efforts of the event. ...

CO2 Compensation 0

#13 CO2 Emission Measurements and Compensation

Events and international tours cause a great deal of damage to the company's reputation simply through the arrival of guests and the production transport ...

Basic Knowledge for Sustainable Events

Sustainability Rider and Checklist as a guideline for organizers and artists


Guideline for the entire event industry to realize events in consideration of environmental protection, social justice and economic efficiency.


A condensed checklist, so that EVERY event can be sustainably implemented IMMEDIATELY.

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